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The boys school to remain where the old school is.

Girls school to be constructed  on the land adjacent - demarcated by the proposed highway. More land has already been bought.

the need to separate  the school is basically to up the performance. Currently girls have been underperforming.

separating the school will be a hallmark in development.

Many girls will get get a chance in secondary school, so are boys.

Also the perfomance of both the boys and the girls will improve tremendously.


To make this dream a reality the Board of Governors has started exploring the ways of raising funds required for the project. The following have been identified as potential sources of funds:

(i) Parents

(ii) Organised groups

(iii) Alumini

(iv) Well wishers

(v) Charitable organisations and institutions

(vi) Funds drive.


The funds drive is scheduled to be on 21 September 2013 at the school grounds.



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