Chairman BOG


In the initial stages of starting a project, concerted efforts are necessary to put all parts in their place, harmonize all potential in one direction and create mystique of common action so that it can be said that the people involved in the exercise knew what they were doing and were they where they were going.
I am convinced that this outline of action for Mutonguni secondary school is an achievement in its own sense as it creates the purpose for all of us to be united towards a common goal. I have no doubt that the able hands of the Bog members, the willing minds of the teachers, the unending contribution of the parents, the co-operration of the students and the answering of the call by the community and the well wishers will make it happen that which was started in the fight against ignorance in Mutonguni will soon become a beacon of hope for all who go through the learning of Mutonguni secondary school.
To plan it to know what to do, when ,why and how to do it and who is responsible. This five years plan commits all of us who are involved directly or indirectly in the running of the school, its growth and success. The students must be compelled to learn through all legal ethical approaches. At this moment, the name Mutonguni secondary school does not ring a bell beyond a few kilometers. I propose that we make the name, it will provide for itself in all aspects once it matures.
This website action: 2011  is a wonderful roadmap – lets all join efforts to have our dream come true.
B.O.G Chairman

Lawrence M. Nzau
B.O.G Chairman

Principal’s Desk

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